Dob: 05/01/98

Hi I am Billy Adams, I am 23 years old and I am currently studying a media degree at Solent University. 

I am a hardworking and dedicated young media professional who has made it in their goal to be as dedicated as possible to anything I do. Over the past few years I have really developed a passion mainly for photography and web design. I think I have developed a series of skills that can be utilised in many areas. All photos seen on this website are taken by me. I have also developed a wide range of skills regarding both web design and experimental photography and recently in particular I have been trying to work on my landscape photography.

I am a very outgoing and interesting person with a wide range of interesting hobbies including history and film. My main hobbies outside of working include mountain biking and skiing. Music is my passion and I love going to events to listen to my favourite DJ. 

You can find my CV here.

I currently reside in Southampton but also live in London and Kent. 


Pre-emptive video before interview with rob smith, a floor manager for the BBC. 

Interview with Rob Smith regarding 

Final video where I go in to detail regarding the tips and tricks rob has given me for breaking into the industry.